Three Top Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

Three Top Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

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If you have decided to take the less traditional route of getting married abroad, you will want to make sure that the dress of your dreams is perfect for the warmer climate. When getting married abroad in a tropical climate, it’s important to put a lot of time and thought into choosing your wedding  dress – not only from the perspective of how it looks, but from a practical point of view when it comes to making sure that you will be comfortable and don’t end up overheating when you tie the knot. We’ve put together a list of handy tips for brides-to-be who are hoping to get married in a hot country overseas.

Three Top Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

Choosing the Material
When choosing your wedding dress for a wedding abroad in a climate such as that of Costa Rica, it’s important to pay a lot of attention to the type of material which your dream dress is made of. Avoid any materials which are too heavy or not good at wicking away sweat, as the last thing that you want is to be red-faced and overheating during your perfect wedding on the beach. For those wanting more advice on preparing for a beach wedding, you can find everything you need to know about a Costa Rica wedding over at
Another thing that you should take into consideration when choosing a wedding dress for your beach wedding is the length of the dress itself. Although having a long and flowing wedding dress is traditional for a bride, many brides-to-be who are planning on tying the knot on a tropical beach tend to prefer dresses which are a little shorter in length, perhaps ankle- or floor-length, or maybe even shorter. This not only means that the dress is more lightweight and easier to wear in a hot climate, it also allows for easier walking through sand and less chance of the train of your dress getting ruined if you venture into the sea for some romantic beach wedding photographs.

Three Top Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding DressAccessorizing
Accessorizing for a beach wedding as a bride is a little different from a traditional setting. The accessories that you might choose for a wedding in a church or stately home will usually be cumbersome and annoying on the beach. For example, when choosing footwear, a pair of flat sandals is usually the best option for a beach wedding, as walking through the sand in heels is difficult and awkward. Some beach brides even choose to go barefoot, however, you should be careful before doing this as if you’re getting married in a hot climate, the sand is likely to be very hot underfoot. When choosing your other accessories, it’s best to take the minimal route and choose lightweight, small accessories which won’t weigh you down or cause you to break out in a sweat.
Beach weddings can be both beautiful and romantic, but it’s important that you’re dressed for the climate! Choosing the perfect wedding dress for a beach wedding doesn’t just involve making sure that you look stunning, but also that it’s suitable for warmer weather.

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