Christmas Gift Idea's - Ivy Ekong Fashion

Christmas. It’s our favourite time of year, but why does the gifting part, make it so hard! Your tasked with the objectives, of finding something stylish for a style queen, who’s very precise and unique. Or shopping for the mother-in-law, needing to find the perfect balance between elegant and practical. Fear not however IEF babe, we’ve got some Christmas gift idea’s, that we promise will tick all the boxes, for all the wonderful women in your life! 

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For the Girlfriend / Wife – who likes to feel like a queen

She is a queen, so make her look like one! Any Ivy Ekong Fashion dress, without doubt will make her feel like royalty. But we especially love our new ‘Leighna’ red sequins one shoulder dress, which would steal the attention of all if worn this holiday season.

For the Mother-In-Law – who likes to keep it classic


Opt for a beautiful piece, of neckwear jewels, a mother in law likes to feel classic but also modern and on trend. The ‘Juliet’ costume necklace, does exactly that, with a luxurious mix of jewels and pearls stacked around the neck graciously.

For Grandma – who loves her hot tea

Grandma is practical, and doesn’t want you to make a fuss over her! Which brings us to a simple but heartfelt option, a playful mug which she can make use of daily. After all, all the grandchildren have most likely broken the ones she already has! Grandma is fun, so why not go for our ‘Cute’ mug, which features a playful slogan, telling you to be who you want to be!

For the fearless Nieces – who are too independent to choose for!

gift voucher is perfect for these #IEFBabes, they love IEF but are spoilt for choice! Allow them to navigate, and select the styles they please, by giving them the freedom of a gift voucher.

For the Girlfriends – who we’re always partying with!

We know #IEFBabes, you have a lot of girl friends! So keep it thoughtful and sweet, with our ‘Coco’ costume necklace, which suits the glam needs of all! At a discounted price too, it’s affordable to buy multiple, for the whole squad!

For the Gym Girls! – who like to look good, while they do good!

Tis the season of giving, so don’t forget about your gym #IEFBabes, this holiday. Search ’T-Shirt Black Gym Wear’, for our playful gym tank, featuring a slogan on everyone’s minds.

For the Cousins – who love to holiday and party!

She’s the cousin who you hardly see, because she’s busy working, partying or doing both all the time! You can never not have, enough bikinis, so gift her an elegant one, to add to her collection, such as our ‘Persian’ Orange Bikini Set!

Hope I was able to help!

Love, Ivy x